Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is M3K for any skin type?
A. Yes, we have found all women, of all ages and all skin types, have loved the benefits of M3K.

Q. If I have a reaction, can I return it?
A. We proudly stand by our products. If you don't love it as much as we do, bring it back.

Q. Is Matrixyl 3000 safe to use?
A. All of our ingredients have been scientifically tested and our products have been formulated to provide safe use. For any further information on Matrixyl 3000 or any of the Fabulous Four products, please contact us.

Q. Will M3K make me look younger?
A. We wont promise to reshape your face - to re-contour or to turn you into a 16 year old again. Women over 35 want to see results, not big fat lies and false promises. While we wont make you look 16 again, we will make you look and feel fabulous by the massive hydration boost to your skin, returning your glow, dramatically improving pores and lightning lines and wrinkles. Be ready for the compliments, because we guarantee - they will come!

Q. What is Bare Faced & Fabulous?
A. We love this product! BFF is a face wash that can be used morning and night. This amazing product removes make up without burning the eyes, no excessive rubbing and just a simple rinse. The divine peppermint and goji berries leave your skin feeling glorious and not dry and tight. This is the new BFF - every girl needs one.

Q. What is the liquid Vitamin D used for?
A. They say Vitamin D is the new fountain of youth. And that is what M3K Beauty is all about. Taking back time. This amazing vitamin is also one of the most important factors in keeping your breasts healthy. You are never too young to start taking Vitamin D and it is even recommended for babies now. We have developed a product that overcomes the oily aftertaste that Vitamin D leaves. Just add a ml to your water bottle or glass of water and this naturally cranberry flavoured vitamin becomes a refreshing drink. One glass is recommended for all women, especially those entering menopause.

Q. Can men use M3K?
A. YES Of Course!!! Men want to look fabulous too!