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ETHICS-Best anti-aging skin care products | No 1 make up remover | m3kbeauty.com


No Animal Testing

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M3k Loves Animals!

Here at M3K Beauty we are not only 100% committed to NEVER testing our products on animals. In fact, we have decided that as a beauty company it is time to give back to the bunny’s. We were recently certified by PETA as a “Beauty Without Bunny’s” company and are donating funds from every single sale back to bunny charities chosen by PETA.




Manufactured in USA

M3K Beauty is very selective in outsourcing our work. We searched far and wide for a manufacturer for our products who had the same ethos as we do. We eventually found Healthy Solutions LLC in Scottsdale Arizona – a specialist manufacturer in health and beauty products. The team at Healthy Solutions, a family run business, are dedicated to their commitment to reduce their environmental footsteps, their commitment to non animal testing and their community work. Through Healthy Solutions, many local disabled groups become involved in our business by assisting with packing products into boxes. Healthy Solutions met and far exceeded all of our expectations and we are thrilled to have them on our team.


100% Guaranteed

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We stand by our products!

We are committed to our 100% Guarantee! If you don’t love your product as much as our President Kim Johnston does, then send it back within 14 days of purchase and we will refund your order. All we ask is that you give the product a try for 7 days (though you will see and feel a difference in two days) and if you don’t like it – send it on back. Many people ask if our product is ok for sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin – we say YES to all. Our youngest client is 10 years old and our oldest 89 years old. If for any reason our product does not suit your skin – return it. If you don’t feel it has enhanced your skin – return it. If you just don’t like the texture or smell – return it. In three years we have NEVER had a return or complaint.


Our Promise


Our UnCorporate Corporation!

Here at M3K Beauty we like to think of ourselves as the “Uncorporate Corporation”. We don’t drive fancy cars, we don’t fly first class and we don’t have expense accounts! We keep it simple so we can keep our prices down. We believe that sometimes – it has to be about more than just profit! As President of the company, and a single mother with a job, a mortgage and three kids in college, I decided at the beginning of this journey that I would NEVER raise any products price in our range over $50 (our M3K Face Cream should and could sell for $120 a bottle) so that women like myself could afford a beauty product that really worked. We have lost major contracts by some of the largest beauty stores in the USA by refusing to raise our price but we stubbornly continue to commit to bringing excellent products to you at a price that you can afford. As long as we are making a profit, we will continue to support – by way of funds, time and manpower – as many projects as feasible through our Infinite Giving Group. Our management team was carefully chosen from across the USA and Australia to ensure that we have a team who is 100% dedicated to reaching our goal – to change as many needy lives as possible.

"It's about giving people a product that WORKS and that is affordable. It has to be about more than just $$$ for us!!"